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Meet our 

Senior Pastor

Pastor Ron Smith

Pastor Ron is an anointed, spiritual, and gifted Leader of People.  He brings years of experienced Pastoral Leadership to the Community of Faith.  He truly believes God’s Love is the building block of all Faith. Being family-oriented, he is married to Donna, has 3 children (with wonderful spouses), and has 9 delightful grandchildren.

Associate Pastor

Pastor Donna Smith

Pastor Donna also brings many years of experience in administration, time management, music, children’s ministries, women’s ministries, and office management.  A talented pianist and anointed teacher, she is a tremendous communicator of the gospel, especially in the area of the “Fruit of the Spirit”, prayer and intercession. Donna has published poetry and children’s literature on Prayer.

Worship Leader / Business Manager

Eugene (Buddy) Cullum

Eugene Cullum currently serves as the secretary and treasurer for Connect Church. In addition to that role, he serves as the Worship Leader. He and his wife Anita reside in Ripley and have been members of Connect Church for approximately 15 years.


Pastoral Care Facilitator

Jimmy Goodwin

Jimmy is an exceptional Christian man and a tremendous Executive Deacon with a true desire to see the manifestation of Holy Spirit in his daily life. He has served the Lord and Connect Church for years with passion and a deepened compassion. Jimmy is a deep friend to the Students and Young Adults of our Community and Region. Jimmy is a real friend to our Pastors and cares for them with great respect.

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